Jiangyin Oil Depot
Jiangyin Oil Depot

The investment promotion for Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot is in progress. Welcome to join us for a win-win cooperation!

Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot

Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot is located at Berth 11#, Jiangyin Port, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, with a total investment of CNY 1.8 billion and covering an area of approximately 200,000 square meters. It is divided into five major areas, i.e. wharf area, storage tank area, handling area, management area and public engineering area, which can provide comprehensive supporting services, such as wharf handling, storage, lighterage and transit, bonded logistics and futures delivery for domestic and foreign petrochemical product manufacturers and traders. The annual throughput of Jiangyin Oil Depot can reach 8 million tons, which is one of the largest oil and chemical depots in Fujian Province.

  • Location
    Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot is located at Jiangyin Port of Fuzhou Port, Fujian Province, a vital hub port for the development of Belt and Road Initiative. It is free from tidal restrictions throughout the year and has obvious geographical advantages and smooth transportation with more than 40 ocean and domestic trade routes, extending to economic circles of the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta and vast inland, and eastward to the Pacific Ocean and four continents around the world.
  • Waterway
    There are five berths, including one 50,000-ton liquid chemical wharf (constructed with a hydraulic structure of 100,000 tons), two 5,000-ton and two 3,000-ton wharfs, allowing 65,000 ton ships to berth without facing tidal restrictions. Wharfs are equipped with 10 modern loading arms and related transport facilities, which can meet the simultaneous receiving and dispatching of 6 chemical oil tankers. The maximum unloading capacity can reach 2,600 cubic meters/hour, and the maximum loading capacity can reach 1,600 cubic meters/hour. Wharfs are an open area of the port, and there is a tank area supervised by customs in the storage area. It can transport liquid chemicals, with an annual throughput capacity of 8 million tons.
  • Storage
    Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot has built 42 internal-floating-roof storage tanks, with a total storage capacity of 560,000 cubic meters, including 10 oil tanks of 25,000 cubic meters, 12 of 15,000 cubic meters, 6 of 10,000 cubic meters, and 14 of 5,000 cubic meters. The storage area can be available for the storage or handling of more than 20 types of liquid petrochemical products. In addition to conventional storage enterprise qualification, it is also a customs supervision and a bonded storage area. All storage tanks are equipped with floating roofs, which can effectively reduce storage losses and safety risks caused by volatilization.
  • Highway
    The oil depot has 17 loading platforms and 66 loading arm positions. The loading platforms are all provided with mechanical, electrical, control, and pipe integrated skid-mounted equipment with an automatic quantitative loading system, imported mass flow meters, and Toledo 100T weighbridges. The equipment is sourced from reputable brands, both domestically and internationally, to ensure the efficiency in handling speed, accuracy, and safety of the storage area.
  • Facilities and equipment
    The supporting storage area is equipped with an "SGS laboratory" to inspect and test incoming goods to ensure the quality and quantity of goods stored by customers. There is a central control room in the storage area that can be used to monitor the operation of the oil depot, such as real-time monitoring of the liquid level of the receiving and dispatching oil storage tanks, and combustible gas alarms in key areas to ensure the production safety, efficiency, and accuracy. The storage area includes the administrative building in the administrative management area, and power station building, pump houses, foam stations, conversion pits, emergency pools, oil and gas recovery units, and sewage treatment stations in the auxiliary production area.
  • Varieties
    The operating and storing varieties include gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, light fuel oil, toluene, acetone, naphtha, condensate, raffinate, kerosene, light cycle oil, mixed aromatics, xylene (mixed xylene), trimethylbenzene, methanol, MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether), solvent oil, isooctane, commercial hexane (cyclohexane), base oil and benzene (ship-pipeline). The storage of liquid petrochemical products other than highly toxic chemicals can be added or changed according to customer needs in this storage area.


  • Storage of liquid petrochemical products such as fuel oil, refined oil, and chemicals.
  • Wharf handling and lightering operations
  • Loading and unloading operations of tank trucks
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Bonded storage services for import and export goods
  • Chemical and oil wastewater treatment

Jiangyin Oil Depot

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The investment promotion for Fuqing Jiangyin Oil Depot is in progress. Welcome all partners and suppliers to join us for a win-win cooperation!
  • Address of the headquarters
    42/F, Fusheng Qianlong Plaza, No. 70, Zhenwu Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
  • Address of the oil depot
    Min Hai Jiangyin Oil Depot, Berth 11#, Fuzhou Free Trade Port, Jiangyin Town, Fuqing City, Fujian Province




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