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We provide safe, professional, and efficient transportation and delivery services of refined oil, with full tracking throughout the process.

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油品运输 油品运输

Safety and Prevention

Fujian Min Hai Petrochemical Transportation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Min Hai Petrochemical, is a modern logistics enterprise with qualifications for the transportation of hazardous chemicals. Min Hai Transportation adheres to the principle of "Safety First, Prevention First", and operates and manages with modern and technological means to provide customers with safe, professional, fast, and thoughtful transportation and distribution services of refined oil. It has a team of professional drivers and escorts who are fully qualified, well-trained, and hardworking. Oil tankers are equipped with advanced technology, using Volvo tractors and stainless steel/aluminum tank bodies, effectively ensuring the cleanliness and safety of oil transportation. Beidou satellite positioning and video monitoring systems are applied to supervise vehicles in real time, ensuring the scientific and reasonable dispatch, safe and efficient operation, and the oil quality and quantity.

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