Talent Development
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Talent and Teams
Min Hai Group attaches great importance to the talent attraction, training, and team building. After years of accumulation, the company has attracted numerous elites from the domestic and international petroleum industry. By planning career development paths and providing job rotation channels. The company gives internal staff a broad development platform and ample opportunities for training, cultivating a group of core business professionals. In addition, the company recruits numerous fresh graduates from universities every year, discovers young people with vitality and ideas, and constantly injects fresh energy into Min Hai. In the business practice, Min Hai has gradually improved the mechanism for talent attraction and cultivation, creating a working atmosphere of all-staff learning, all-staff training, and all-staff improvement, and created an excellent team that is good at tackling difficulties and advancing together.
Growth and Development
  • Lean talent development
  • Training for fresh graduates
  • Job skill training
  • Management talent training
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